Island Express Flight Delay Compensation

Island Express flight delayed 3 or more hours? Get over £500 per passenger. Excellent & quick service


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If you have experienced Island Express delays because of an airline issue in the past 6 years, you may be entitled to receive over £500 in compensation per passenger from Island Express. The only thing you need to do is fill the form and check your compensation claim - all for free and without any obligations.

Flight Delay Compensation

We all know that flight delays sometimes happen. If you were a victim to one recently and had your flight delayed for later than 3 hours after the original arrival time, you are officially entitled to receive compensation from the airline (European Union's Regulation EC 261/2004). You may receive over £500 per passenger as compensation in cash, as wire bank transfer, as electronic bank transfer or in travel vouchers. Just because of going after the airline yourself is tricky, we have made this form, allowing you a stress-free compensation without any fees or obligations.

Things To Have In Mind

All of the compensation claims must relate to the flights that occurred within the last 6 years under the European Union's regulation (more precisely any airlines that departed from EU airports or any airlines landing in EU airports). The flight delay in question must be due to an airline issue, with weather-related or extraordinary circumstances are not covered.

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The compensation will depend on potential distance of travel.

Avoid the costs & “headache” of going after the airlines yourself. We have 97% success rate and helped over 83.000 passengers already.

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"I still couldn't believe that I got my compensation for a flight that was late. This service is the best - and definitely one I will be coming back to and referring to everyone! Patient, polite and straightforward - the guys at EU Flight Claims are nothing but true professionals."
Amy Richards

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